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Cats & Co.

Brian’s cat poems

In the 1990s Brian Waltham and his friend Cyril Laming, both lifelong cat-lovers, began working on a series of cat poems. The project, and the friendship, went through various up and down stages until they had an almost-finished set of poems, with more or less equal contributions from the two of them, by the early 2000s. The poems were never published, and Brian died in 2002. Re-reading them twenty years later it seemed to me that the fourteen poems which he wrote and was pleased with might also please his friends and family.

Our friend Elizabeth Stuart-Smith, who illustrated all the covers of his previously published poems, has produced some wonderful cat drawings that I’m sure Brian would have liked.

This little book is the result.

Caroline Cooper, London, 2022

Read the full book here. Extract below


Choosing for her siesta my in-tray,

She straddles the three bills, the

Tax Demand, the charity request

And the dubious lunch invitation,

To all of which I have decided

To give my immediate attention.

It has long been agreed between us

What is permitted.

A gentle stroke on forehead

Will encourage a purr in her sleep.

Likewise a downward brush of the nose.

Touching ears disturbs dreams.

Paws and tummy are out of bounds.

Pulling anything from underneath

Will open a scandalised eye.

Picking her up…


Perhaps I could write six letters