The Hang of It, 2011

The Hang of It, 2011

Brian’s final collection, published posthumously by Line Press. The same artist, Elizabeth Stuart Smith, did the drawings for front and back cover.

Many of the poems were read at the Brian Waltham celebration in 2014, which you can see on film here.

The Hang of It

You get the hang of infancy
And suddenly it's puberty. 

You get the hang of 
Girls and bedding 
And suddenly you're in a wedding.

You hock your soul for
This brood of cooling wife, 
Listless girl and growing lout
And suddenly the tide's gone out.

You learn to be old, to go
Where you're told, which day 
It is, which tablets and on 
Which couch you should be lying.

You begin to get the hang of that, 
And suddenly you're dying.