A Note On Cape Town

Mandela will eventually be assessed as a minor saint who delayed, but could not prevent the reckoning...

Listening To Music

I cannot readily stand public places, restaurants or cocktail or dinner parties where background noise is thought to be necessary.

Good and Best

On balance I thank the Lord that I don’t live in the Great Britain of the 1850s...



Readers' Comments on 'Memos'

On 'Illness' : a perfect example of his ability to weave the personal, political, historical, and philosophical in clear and succinct English. (I agree with everything he says.)

On 'Infinity' : Fascinating... mathematically he's put his finger on something really profound.

Brian Waltham's 'Memos'


In the late 1990s and early 2000s Brian wrote a collection of mini-essays, which he called his Commonplace Book. He covered a wide range of subjects, personal, political, historical, and whimsical, and we have published some of these writings here. In more than one of these pieces he refers to his thoughts as a 'Memo' and we decided to use 'Memos' as a collective title...