A Brian Waltham Celebration

London 29th September 2014


Details and films of the evening here

Welcome to the website for Brian Waltham, lawyer, poet, writer and essayist. This site contains information about his life and work, extracts from his poetry, and much previously unpublished material. There is also a guide to all Brian's publications.

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Film of Brian reading his poems


NEW Brian's Maritime Thriller, C.H.A.S.E. newly published in paperback here

Newly added : film of Brian reading his poetry here

Brian's 'Memos' previously unpublished, all now online

But most of us oldies who have ever written poems do not have these advantages or emergency exits as we head downhill, push the gear-lever into third and hope the brakes are good. Our choice is either to shut up (which has a lot to be said for it), or to consider very carefully what we still can write... More


Peterloo Poets published three volumes of Brian Waltham's poems:

Music for Brass, 1990,

Masterclass, 1994

The Soldier on the Pier, 2002.

A further collection of unpublished poems, The Hang of It, was brought out in 2011 by Line Press, edited by Caroline Cooper, with the help of John Mole and Will Wain. If you would like to enquire about purchasing The Hang Of It,

or any other of Brian's titles please contact us here